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INT-510MO / INT-510MCO

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  • MaterialSelf fire exttinguishing plastics materials

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  • South Korea South Korea
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This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader or proximity reader uses radio frequency to identify, locate and track people and objects that carry the approx. transponders. Proximity readers can work in non line-of-sight situations and in darkness, bright sun light or through dirt, grime and smudges. A typical prox system consists of three components - an interrogator or a reader, a transponder or a card and a data processing panel and/or computer combination. Most RFID readers have an internal micro-controller, a transmitter, a receiver and a shared transmit/receive antenna. The card is usually passive (without an internal battery) and consists of an antenna and an RFID ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). During operation, the transmitter sends out an electro-magnetic wave to establish a zone of surveillance. When a card enters this zone, the electromagnetic energy from the reader begins to energize the IC in the tag. Once the IC is energized, it goes through an initialization process and begins to broadcast its identity. This process utilizes a low energy back-scattering technology that selectively reflects or back-scatters the electro-magnetic energy back to the reader. The receiving circuits in the reader sense, decode this back-scattered signal and hence determine the identity of the tag.


  • Memory : 511 Cardholders
  • Emergency time : Siren will be activated in compulsive opening the door
  • Exit switch
  • Door sensor
  • RS202C data transaction / wiegand 26 bit data
  • L.E.D (Normal operation, card reading)
  • Remote control device : Registration, deletion method of proximity cards
  • Option : Master card (key)


Power requirement DC12V ± 15%
An electric current 65mA ± 10%
Reading distance Up to 10cm (Contactless) ? Radio frequency ID card (proximity card)
Operating temperature -25°C ~ 50°C
Relative humidity 30% RH ~ 90% RH
Waterproof Waterproof normal

Wiring Diagram


INT-510MCO & INT-510CO